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Beyond ‘Dry January’

As January often is a time for making new resolutions for the year ahead, I always try to start changing particular habits early, before we ring in the “New Year.” 

For instance, instead of telling myself I’ll eat better and workout more after the holidays, I try to do those very things early. Yes, I do this before Thanksgiving, but it’s all part of my effort to make a lifestyle change and avoid fad diets.

For those who look to January as a way to reduce alcohol intake, new research from consumer insights platform Veylinx suggests that abstinence events like “Dry January” are more than just a fad. 

Veylinx, which uses behavioral research to measure consumer purchasing habits, tested the fast-growing non-alcohol canned cocktails market to learn who is buying these drinks and why, it says. The study also measured demand for versions enhanced with functional benefits like mood boosters, detoxifiers and CBD, it adds.

Released in late November, the Veylinx research revealed that more than three-quarters of Americans say they have temporarily given up alcohol for at least a month in the past.

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(Image courtesy of Veylinx)

“Almost half (46%) of drinkers are trying to reduce their alcohol consumption right now, and 52% of them are replacing alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages,” it says. “Consumers identified improving their physical health and mental wellbeing as the main reasons for drinking less.”

Further, people who currently drink alcohol are actually willing to pay more for non-alcohol canned cocktails than non-drinkers, according to Veylinx. At premium price points, the disparity between consumers who are trying to drink less and the general population is even more pronounced — demand from these consumers for non-alcohol canned cocktails is 71% higher at $20 for a four-pack, it says.

“Driven by younger consumers, the non-alcoholic beer, wine and cocktails category is surging in popularity. People trying to cut down their drinking are finding more and more alternatives on retail shelves and in bars and restaurants,” said Anouar El Haji, CEO of Veylinx, in a statement. “Our research found that they’re willing to pay premium prices for non-alcoholic versions of ready-to-drink cocktails. The rise of the ‘sober curious’ movement gives brands countless opportunities for growth in this segment.”

As it’s becoming more apparent that the sober curious movement’s influence reaches beyond “Dry January” or months like “Sober October” — I guess I’m not alone in trying to change certain habits before the clock strikes twelve. To read more about alcohol-free and low-alcohol trends, check out this month’s Category Focus. BI

Coors Banquet, the beer proudly born and brewed in Golden, Colo., since 1873, announced it is teaming up with TV’s “Yellowstone” as the official beer integration and retail partner of the show’s fifth season. Having premiered Nov. 13 on Paramount Network, season five prominently features Coors Banquet’s iconic stubby bottles and yellow jacket cans throughout episodes, as it’s done in episodes since 2018, it says. “We’re thrilled to bring together Yellowstone and Coors Banquet through this full circle partnership that will further elevate our connections to our mutual fans,” said Dario Spina, chief marketing officer, Paramount Brand Studio, Paramount, in a statement. To celebrate this first retail and integration partnership, Coors Banquet also gave fans and viewers a chance to win an ultimate “Yellowstone” experience. Through Jan. 1, fans could enter to win the “Live Like a Dutton” experience where Coors Banquet will send one winner and three friends on a paid trip to a Montana ranch. The trip is complete with horseback riding, roping and family style dinners along with your favorite beer, it says. Plus, the winner will receive all the gear needed to enjoy a Coors Banquet in true Dutton style courtesy of western outfitter Seager, it adds.

It’s official

Did You Know ...

When watching sports, many Americans prefer to drink soda and/or beer during game time.

In a recent survey, SportingPedia asked 2,897 people about their preferences while enjoying a game, and among the key findings, the study found that not only do Americans like to socialize during game time, but also enjoy drinking beer and soda while doing so.

The poll, conducted online from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20, included questions about the sports events that matter most to fans. Respondents also were asked to specify their age, gender and ethnicity. 

Key findings of the SportingPedia survey are as follows: 

  • The Super Bowl was named the most popular sports event (40.2% of all respondents), followed by the NBA finals (22.2%) and the Kentucky Derby (9.6%).
  • More people watch the Super Bowl at a viewing party in order to socialize (39%) than to watch the game itself (26.8%).
  • Men love to drink beer when watching sports — it was the top pick for 42.3% of them, while for women, the most common answer was soda (63.5%). 
  • The most popular snacks when watching sports are chicken wings, chosen by 22.5% of people, followed by chips and dip (19.6%), and tacos (12.9%).

Since watching sports is a favorite American pastime, and for many the social aspect of it has become more important than the game itself — it looks like it might be wise to stock up on some soda and beer for a Super Bowl party.

A commitment to
inspire change

The Prisoner Wine Co., known for its visually provocative labels, unveiled its inaugural release of Corrections, a limited-edition three-pack of wines, dedicated to driving awareness of the unjustifiable harm wrought by America’s broken prison system. The winery commissioned collage-style original labels from artist Chris Burnett, each highlighting a different perspective on mass incarceration’s effect on the human spirit.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Corrections is to be donated to Rubicon Programs, a nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay area striving to provide wellness and economic mobility for communities that are disproportionately impacted by systems of inequity, it notes. Looking ahead, The Prisoner and Rubicon hope to partner in the future to develop impactful programming that aids in the elimination of poverty and promotion of social justice, the company says. Launched nationally, Corrections can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $225.

“We’re acutely aware that, given our namesake, we have a unique responsibility to play a larger role in driving awareness and inspiring a stance on prison reform,” said Bukola Ekundayo, general manager of The Prisoner, in a statement.


Shay Mitchell, actress, producer and entrepreneur, announced her collaboration with HydraLyte, to launch her new flavor: Lemon Squeeze. Since their partnership in May 2022, Mitchell has led the co-development process to create the hydration option. “Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle has always been a priority,” Mitchell said in a statement. “HydraLyte is a science-based, low-sugar hydration solution for all the things I love ― travel, fitness, pregnancy. And this new Lemon Squeeze flavor is tangy, sweet, and totally refreshing.” Mitchell remained closely involved in the journey, spearheading execution details such as packaging, marketing strategy, and creative, the company says. “Shay is a superstar,” said HydraLyte CEO Oliver Baker, in a statement. “She has a track record of building brands with style, passion, fun and, most importantly, quality. Creating this product with her team has been an incredible journey and their insights into marketing and social media have been an integral part of developing this launch plan.”


Shay Mitchell

Lemon Squeeze

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