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A return to simplicity

As tequila is one of the most popular spirits globally, its growth, particularly in North America, is where it really demands attention, according to CGA’s On Premise Measurement service (OPM). “Its popularity has grown significantly in recent years, with the category evolving to meet different tastes and preferences,” it says.

With vodka (26.6%) and whiskey (26.4%) topping the list of popular choices for consumers, tequila has managed to not only steal share from these top players, but also within other spirits categories. At 54%, tequila has notched the most volume growth in the latest 52 weeks versus a year ago, according to CGA’s analysis.

“As of the start of December 2021, tequila holds almost 16% of the spirit category sales in terms of volume, which has grown significantly since the end of 2016 when it held a volume share of 11.5%,” it states. “Silver tequila holds the greatest volume share (52%) within the category and grew at 57% in the latest 52 weeks.

“However, subcategories such as reposado (57% growth) and gold (49% growth) are also becoming increasingly popular with consumers,” it continues. “One subcategory that has demonstrated significant growth is añejo, increasing 61% over the last 52 weeks, highlighting that tequila drinkers’ tastes in the U.S. are expanding and evolving in a similar fashion to whiskey drinkers.”

Further, as “it is impossible to ignore the Margarita,” the popular cocktail has been instrumental to the tequila category’s expansion in the U.S. on premise and is the preferred choice of many consumers — with 49% of cocktail drinkers consuming it when out, according to CGA OPUS, fall 2021.

“Tequila is no doubt a popular choice for consumers. It is important over the next period to see how this preference evolves and changes,” stated Patrick Bannon, CGA client director for Americas. “It will be interesting to see whether the offering of different tequila types will expand further in outlet and tequila offerings will mirror that of whiskey. It’s crucial for suppliers and operators to understand where the different types will grow and what opportunities will present themselves in the on-premise.”

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Caribou Coffee, in partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation, announced the launch of its newest ground coffee: Wish Blend. Available exclusively at and select Target locations nationwide, Caribou Coffee will donate $1 from each bag of Wish Blend sold now through Dec. 31, 2022. “Through the collaborative efforts between Caribou, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Target, we’re incredibly honored to have the opportunity to make a significant contribution in granting life-changing wishes for children in need,” said John Butcher, president and CEO of Caribou Coffee, in a statement. Richard K. Davis, president and CEO at Make-A-Wish America, added: “This new partnership with Caribou exemplifies the power of community as it stemmed from friends with connections to both Caribou and Make-A-Wish who saw an opportunity for the two brands to align. The end result is a multi-year program that allows Caribou Coffee drinkers to help grant life-changing wishes, and in doing so, become part of the ever-growing Make-A-Wish community.” Developed as a limited-edition, light roast blend, Caribou Coffee’s Wish Blend is available in 10-ounce packages for $8.99.

Caribou Coffee

‘makes a wish’

For Lunar New Year, Rémy Martin is celebrating with a sense of adventure, curiosity and “family spirit,” with the launch of its Family Spirit campaign, it says. To bring the concept of “Family Spirit” to life, Rémy Martin has partnered with three cultural leaders — Jessica Wang, fashion influencer; Brandon Jew, Michelin starred chef; and Christina Paik, photographer and stylist, to showcase their heritage and with whom they enjoy celebrating the Lunar New Year. The creative was imagined by award-winning photographer Michelle Watt, who specializes in staging conceptual narratives with a surreal, whimsical style that aim to create new ways of looking at beauty and culture, it says. In a series of photographs, Wang, Jew and his wife, and Paik alongside friends, are captured with a nostalgia of the traditional family portrait seen through a modern-day lens, with Rémy Martin XO as a fixture in the scenes of celebration. For the Year of the Tiger, Rémy Martin released a limited-edition XO bottle to compliment the festivities. The intricately designed decanter is adorned with gold foil and packaged in a red and gold coffret. Additionally, Rémy Martin teamed up with NTWRK and designer Sue Tsai to create a limited-edition Lunar New Year jacket. The stylish piece includes intricate designs that incorporate the Year of the Tiger and Rémy Martin.

‘Family Spirit’

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Bodegas Pinea winery released “12,” a wine to honor the excellence and values that embody the alumni of Texas A&M, it says. A proud partner of Texas A&M Athletics to support Aggie athletics, the winery prepared to release its new luxury and affordable wine, when it learned that Texas A&M Athletics was celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the 12th Man in 2021. “We named the wine ‘12’ because this number symbolizes the athletic fan in general. While the concept is derived from the idea of the fans being the 12th man on an 11-player football team, it is not limited to football. It has come to represent fans of all sports who support their teams with passion and energy and celebrate outstanding athletic achievements,” said Hugo Del Pozzo, Bodegas Pinea co-founder, in a statement. Ellie Pardee, Texas A&M Ventures, added: “We couldn't be more honored or proud to be part of this incredible project and to bring a premium wine specially designed for us to our fan base.” PINEA’s “12” is available at wine retail shops throughout Texas, including HEB’s, Central Markets, Brookshire Brothers, as well as in Kyle Field and select restaurants and retailers.

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It's bublé,

not bubly

Set to embark on its biggest year yet with three new limited-time flavors launching in Canada starting with Mango bubly, for Michael Bublé, the biggest year yet would mean officially changing the “y” in bubly to an “é,” it says.

PepsiCo’s bubly, together with four-time Grammy award-winning Canadian singer Michael Bublé, are giving fans the chance to sip even more flavors. Two additional limited-time flavors are scheduled to launch this spring and summer.

But, for Canadian bubly lovers, it means bringing fans what they really love and want and that's more bubly flavors, it adds. “I’m calling on fellow Canadians to keep an eye out for the antics. I mean lengths that I will go to this year to change the name with the launch of the new flavors,” Bublé said in a statement.

“I now have three more opportunities to show Canada that bubly should actually be spelled bublé." Lourdes Seminario, senior director of marketing for PepsiCo Canada, added: “We hear Canadians’ requests for more flavors, so we’re looking forward to providing a year full of more sips and smiles.” bubly fans can get a peek of teaser ads on bubly social channels, along with the new bublé versus bubly commercial, which was released in February.

The BIG3 announced that Monster Energy will be returning as a league sponsor for the upcoming 2022 season. After an incredibly successful first year that saw in-game brand activations with Monster BMX riders and break-dancers as well as the nationally broadcasted “BIG3 Has A Whole New Energy” campaign on CBS featuring Ice Cube and BIG3 players, the two organizations will bring even more fire as the BIG3 returns to its multi-city touring model next season, it says. “The BIG3 and Monster share an athletes-first value system and we look forward to our continued effort of creating compelling sports content as we enter the 2022 season and beyond,” said Ice Cube, BIG3 co-founder, in a statement. Dan McHugh, Monster Energy CMO, added: “Monster Energy congratulates the BIG3 on another outstanding year and we are excited to announce the continuation of our sponsorship.” Known as a ground-breaking league that focuses on innovation, the BIG3’s 2021 season saw notable new changes and experiences, including the first-ever professional open tryouts and the addition of the “Bring the Fire” rule allowing teams one challenge in each half determined by an in-game one-on-one. In the most competitive season yet, Stephen Jackson’s Trilogy ultimately took home the Julius Erving Championship Trophy and became the first team in league history to win two titles.

Monster Energy and the BIG3 return

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